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Dear Sir/Dear Madam [Name Surname],

Thank you for choosing Raiffeisen Bank, encouraging us to always meet your expectations through quality products and services.

3D Secure E-commerce is a service attached to your card, that allows you to safely pay online. The card is identifiable in the electronic environment by showing the following logo on sites:


We remind you that starting May 16, 2016, according to the notification no 204032 sent on March 7, 2016, the transactions performed with Raiffeisen Bank debit or credit cards, ordered at merchants that use 3D Secure standard, will be authorized based on a unique password, asocciated to each transaction (OTP, one time password).

Using this service, your online shopping is more convenient in these 3 simple steps:

Pay with Raiffeisen
Bank cards

A unique password will be
sent to your mobile phone

End the transaction by
introducing the password

The password will be sent via SMS to the phone number declared by the card holder within the bank. The password is generated for each online transaction, with a validity of 10 minutes. In case of payments ordered by additional card users, the passwords will be sent on their own phone numbers (if these phone numbers have been declared within the Bank).

Starting the above mentioned date, the activation of the 3D Secure service is no longer required, the cards being automatically enrolled and activated. As this modification is in place, the old authorization method is invalidated.

Should you require further information, your personal banker is at your disposal. The dedicated line for Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen customers is 24/7 at your disposal: 004.021.306.77.77.

Sincerely yours,
Raiffeisen Bank S.A.



Number available 27/4
You can contact us by our phone number dedicated for
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen customers

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